Perfect Carbonation.

Great Taste & Zero Waste

Eliminate flat beverages and unhappy customers with NuCO2's beverage carbonation solutions. Our XactBev™ technology is designed to deliver perfectly carbonated fountain soft drinks and draught beer beverages. With our certified beverage grade CO2 and draught beer-grade N2, the result is great taste and zero waste.

Draught Beer Solutions

Serving quality draught beer is critical to the profitability of your beverage business. NuCO2 provides solutions for all your draught beer gas needs. All draught beer systems must have a CO2 source to maintain carbonation, and for systems requiring higher pressures to deliver the perfect pint, adding nitrogen is necessary. NuCO2 offers N2 cylinders, or more conveniently, our XactN2 draught beer grade nitrogen generator. The XactN2 generator conveniently makes nitrogen on site with 99.7% purity, providing the right amount when you need it.

To properly mix the necessary blends of CO2 and N2, add our proprietary beverage control panel, the XactMix30. This beer gas blender allows you to mix gases for ales/lagers/stouts as well as provide an output directly to your fountain soda machine, monitored by an inline flow indicator. Learn more.

Fountain Soft Drink Solutions

Eliminate costly and hazardous high pressure CO2 cylinders with our XactCO2 program. Our certified beverage grade CO2 delivers high quality, perfectly carbonated fountain soft drinks. A carbon dioxide storage tank is on site at your establishment and is routinely auto-filled by NuCO2's service technicians. Learn more.