Pumps Story

Pouring the perfect pint is a combination of the right temperature, the right pressure and the right blend of gas being used to preserve and push the beer. Using the wrong blend of gas is a common problem out there today. It is a very simple mistake that causes beer to be ruined and costs your establishment significant revenue and profit.

Let’s review the correct gas blends again...

  1. Ales and lagers dispensed from a low-pressure, short-draw system typically utilize 100% CO2.
  2. Ales and lagers dispensed from a high-pressure, long-draw system typically utilize a 70% CO2 / 30% N2 blend.
  3. Nitrogenated beers, such as stouts, utilize a 25% CO2 / 75% N2 blend for both low- and high-pressure systems.

Often, an operator may serve a nitrogenated or stout beer using the proper gas blend (25% CO2 / 75% N2) for that beer. However, he or she may also “shortcut” the process by applying that same gas blend to all of the beers being dispensed. Lagers and ales require a 70% CO2 / 30% N2 blend or 100% CO2 gas, depending on the system pressure, to preserve the proper level of carbonation. Using a 25% CO2 / 75% N2 blend will result in carbon dioxide coming out of the beer and the beer going flat.

This problem is easily fixed by using independent carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas sources and blending them with the XactMix beverage control system to provide the proper blends for lagers and ales and nitrogenated beers. This will reduce waste by at least 5% per keg and is often less expensive than using a pre-blended gas source.