Customer Service

NuCO2 consults with every customer to determine the optimal beverage carbonation solution for your needs. We manage installation and maintenance of beverage gas equipment, and provide safe, automatic refills of beverage grade carbon dioxide. Our carbon dioxide storage tank is on site at your establishment, and is routinely auto-filled by NuCO2 service technicians. This eliminates the need for your employees to hassle with replacing cylinders, and it ensures you never run out of carbon dioxide.

Refilling is administered on the premises, in back-of-the-house or through a fill box outside the facility, and doesn't interrupt business operations. We partner with you to serve fountain soft drinks and draught beer through equipment leasing and service agreements.

We offer liquid bulk carbon dioxide systems in a variety of sizes, ranging from 300 pounds to 750 pounds of carbon dioxide capacity, to fit the needs of your business. Our technology offers consistent quality, greater ease of operation and heightened efficiency and safety using permanently installed on-site cryogenic storage tanks. Our draught-beer-grade nitrogen generator conveniently produces nitrogen with 99.7% purity on demand and on site. Our proprietary fountain soft drink and draught beer beverage control system automatically blends and dispenses the precise amounts of beverage-grade carbon dioxide and draught-beer-grade nitrogen.

You can depend on NuCO2 to provide a hassle-free beverage carbonation solution that takes the guesswork out of carbonating a great-tasting fountain soft drink or dispensing a draught beer beverage. We will handle everything so you can focus on what is important - your customers. You can count on us to do it all, from tank installation to equipment leasing and maintenance, to automatically scheduled carbon dioxide refills.

Whatever your carbonation needs, NuCO2 can help you find the plan that is right for you.

Advantages of the NuCO2 program:

Automatic Beverage Gas Refills

We take the guesswork out of deciding when to refill carbon dioxide tanks by providing automatic refills. Our team of dispatchers will automatically schedule your carbon dioxide refills based on the usage pattern of your business. We save you the hassle of calling for refills. Our service technicians will conveniently fill the tank in back-of-the-house or through a fill box outside your facility so your day-to-day business operations are not interrupted.

Nitrogen On-Demand

Our XactN2 nitrogen generator ensures you never run out of the draught beer-grade nitrogen needed to serve many draught beers. Nitrogen with 99.7% purity can be produced on site and expertly mixed with carbon dioxide through our XactMix beverage control system.

Service Locations Across the Nation

NuCO2 operates more than 150 service locations throughout the U.S. We have a staff of service technicians that is unsurpassed in the industry. Whether you have one location serving fountain soft drinks and draught beer or 500 locations across the country, you can rest assured that we will be there when you need us.

Product Quality

A cold fountain soft drink or draught beer beverage is usually your customer's first and defining experience upon entering your establishment. Without a continuous and reliable supply of quality beverage gases for carbonation, your customer's experience is at risk. Carbonation helps to determine the taste and aroma of fountain soft drink and draught beer beverages - not all gases are made equal.

NuCO2 delivers liquid bulk carbon dioxide that is certified to be CGA G6.2 QVLI Grade, or beverage quality. NuCO2 is focused solely on the quality and integrity of beverage gases for fountain soft drink and draught beer beverages. You can be sure that the carbon dioxide product we deliver to you has been put through rigorous testing before we deem it to be suitable for beverages. Compare this to the competition, which uses the same carbon dioxide for multiple industrial purposes.

Did you know some distributors provide the same carbon dioxide that you use in your restaurant operation to other customers for use in metal fabrication, cleaning and solvent extraction, the production of pulp and paper, and other applications?

The quality of carbon dioxide is crucial to carbonating a great-tasting beverage. With the competition in the restaurant industry, you cannot afford to give your customers anything less than the best. You only get one chance to make the right first impression!

24/7 Access to the NuCO2 Customer Care Center

Our Customer Care Center representatives are well trained and ready to help you answer any questions you might have. We realize emergency situations occur. NuCO2's 24/7 technical response team will ensure that your service request is handled quickly to minimize down time. You can reach NuCO2's Customer Care Center at 1-800-472-2855.

Cost-Effective Plans to Suit Your Business

NuCO2 offers affordable, value-driven solutions that streamline business operations and save unnecessary labor and wasted product. We have designed several programs and pricing plans to suit the needs of your business. We also have national programs for larger chains. Speak to a NuCO2 representative to discuss the plan that is right for you. You can reach NuCO2's Customer Care Center at 1-800-472-2855.