Carbonation – The TINY HUGE difference maker.

It’s the beverage ingredient we don’t think much about. We expect carbonation to be there and we assume it’s doing its job. The fact is carbonation isn’t always doing its job. But now, with XactBev solutions, NuCO2 gives you carbonation... PERFECTED... so you can serve a better beverage to your customers, eliminate waste and improve your bottom line. Now, those tiny bubbles can make a HUGE difference.

An XactBev program brings you not only better carbonation, but a total carbonation management system. You’ll enjoy the ease and reliability of custom solutions for both fountain and draught beer beverages. Your customers will enjoy better carbonated beverage taste. NuCO2, makers of XactBev, and other beverage service leaders are partners in Anheuser-Busch’s Center for Draught Beer Excellence. The Center and its alliance partners are dedicated to technologies and best-practices that preserve and push quality beers from keg to tap with optimal pressure and blend. Carbonation is a key difference maker in this quality-assurance process.

So when is carbonation NOT a difference maker? Unfortunately, a lot of the time. Until now, it’s been very difficult to accurately manage the right pressure and gas blend. Correct Pressure and Precise Gas Blend are the keys to perfect carbonation. When you consistently deliver these, you get Great Taste and Zero Waste. But when you don’t, you and your customers get bad results.

When gas pressure is too high, over-carbonation occurs. The beer is foamy and there’s a cost: over-carbonation results in 8% waste of a keg’s contents – that’s about $45 in revenue potential that goes right down the drain. When gas pressure is low due to a 25% CO2/75% N2 gas blend being incorrectly applied to all beer types, under-carbonation occurs. The beer is flat and this results in over-pouring the keg, which means you are losing about 5% of its contents. That equates to about $28 per keg in lost revenue. These conditions don’t have to be extremes – there are many degrees of over- and under-carbonation that you can be sure you have been experiencing, too. And that means your customer satisfaction and profits are probably not what they could have been.

So how does XactBev make carbonation the TINY HUGE difference maker it can be? While you may or may not require all three, these are the core elements of the XactBev Beverage Carbonation Solution:

  • XactCO2 is the only certified beverage-grade CO2 in the US. This consistent, high quality CO2 - delivered regularly to your establishment by NuCO2 - is stored in a convenient bulk tank, rather than a cylinder. There are a variety of bulk tank sizes for varying customer volume needs.
  • XactN2 is a nitrogen generator that safely and reliably makes nitrogen at your establishment. Nitrogen is a critical carbonation ingredient for bars serving increasingly popular stout beers, such as Guinness – and for those who require long draw fountain or draught beer beverage set ups. XactN2 nitrogen is 99.7% pure, meeting quality brewer standards for proper draught beer carbonation.
  • The XactMix Beverage Control System is “command central” for your fountain and draught beer dispensing. It delivers the CO2 pressure for all of your fountain drinks and delivers the right pressure and perfect gas blend for all ales, lagers and stouts. XactMix also provides in-line leak detection so you’ll know if a pressure problem is originating in the lines or in the keg.

Remember our formula for perfect carbonation? Now you see how XactBev’s control of pressure and gas blend helps you achieve it. Let’s see how the XactBev components can come together for you. There’s an XactBev solution for every bar situation.

  • If your bar arrangement is a long draw situation where higher pressure is needed, you’ll need XactCO2, XactN2 and the XactMix Beverage Control System. XactCO2 is supplied by a bulk tank near your keg cooler and gives your poured beverages the best taste, aroma and carbonation possible. XactN2 provides the extra pressure needed for your long draw, as well as being a crucial ingredient for stout beer carbonation. The XactMix Beverage Control System customizes your pressures and blends.
  • If your set up calls for a short draw and low pressure to serve ales, lagers and stouts like Guinness, you’ll need XactCO2, XactN2 and the XactMix Beverage Control System.
  • If your bar arrangement only calls for a short draw and low pressure, you simply need XactCO2, supplied by a NuCO2 bulk tank.

So no matter what your situation, XactBev from NuCO2 has you covered. Getting things going for your establishment is just as easy as using the system.

NuCO2, the innovators behind XactBev, is a national company with operations near you.

An XactBev specialist from NuCO2 will work with you to determine the optimal beverage carbonation solution for your restaurant or bar. Your agreement with NuCO2 is simple and economical. Carbonation is a tiny huge difference maker, but our goal is to make it a solution that you never have to think about it.

So now you know how beverage carbonation can be the tiny huge difference maker you need to drive customer satisfaction and profitability. Let XactBev from NuCO2 help you deliver perfect carbonation and better business results.