Perfect Carbonation Delivers Great Taste and Zero Waste

NuCO2’s XactBev™ technology is designed to deliver perfect carbonation for fountain soft drinks and draught beer that results in great taste and zero waste. For draught beer, it dispenses the exact blend of gases optimal for ales, lagers and stouts – maximizing the number of pints poured from each keg and eliminating sub-standard beer taste that can result from improper carbonation

XactBev delivers perfect carbonation every time, resulting in consistently great-tasting fountain soft drink and draught beer beverages with zero waste.

Great Taste & Zero Waste

XactBev is comprised of three components:

XactC02 XactN2 XactMix30
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Beverage System Carbonation

For the optimal pour, draught beer should be dispensed with a customized gas blend determined by the type of beer and the system pressure.

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