XactCO2: Certified Beverage Grade CO2

The only certified beverage grade CO2 available in the U.S.

Bigger, more reliable and right where you need us.

XactCO2 liquid bulk carbon dioxide is the only certified beverage grade carbon dioxide available to restaurants across the United States. Our carbon dioxide storage tank is on site at your establishment and is routinely auto-filled by NuCO2 service technicians.

Benefits of XactCO2:

  • Reliable – Never running out of gas means no business interruptions or waste
  • Economical – Less than 1¢ per serving cost
  • Safe and easy – NuCO2 installs, fills and maintains the system for you
  • Great-tasting beverages – Customers get perfect carbonation
  • Hassle-free – Eliminates the need for employees to replace cylinders
bulk carbonation tank for CO2 refill using bulk CO2 delivery provider

Gas storage tanks are available in several sizes, ranging from 200 pounds to almost 800 pounds of carbon dioxide capacity, and are selected based on specific customer needs.