XactMix: Beverage Control System

Command central for fountain and draught beer beverage carbonation management

Using just one type of beverage gas does not fit all situations.

Fountain soft drink and draught beer beverages require unique gas blends. The XactMix beverage control system is “command central” for managing beverage carbonation. The system automatically blends and dispenses the precise amounts of beverage grade carbon dioxide and draught beer-grade nitrogen. It also has a proprietary inline flow indication that easily identifies even the smallest gas leaks and when the gas supply is nearly empty.

XactMix dispenses the exact blend of gases optimal for ales, lagers and stouts – maximizing the number of pints from each keg and eliminating sub-standard beer taste that can result from improper carbonation. For ales and lagers, the beverage control system dispenses a 70% CO2 / 30% N2 blend or 100% CO2, depending on how much pressure is required to get the beer from the keg to the faucet. For stouts, it dispenses a 25% CO2 / 75% N2 blend. The system also dispenses 100% CO2 to carbonate fountain soft drinks.

XactMix Beverage Control System