XactN2: Draught Beer Grade

The XactN2 generator conveniently makes nitrogen onsite

Deliver The Perfect Pint Without Added Carbonation

Now offering multiple generators to match our customer's nitrogen volume needs. The XactN2 15.0 and 4.0 systems are versatile, wall-mounted Nitrogen Generators that create nitrogen from ambient air and store it in a vessel at a minimum purity of 99.7%. Both systems provide the draught beer-grade nitrogen necessary to power a high-pressure draught beer system, delivering the perfect pint without added carbonation.

Benefits of XactN2 Systems:

  • Space Saving – Mounts directly to any type of wall, requiring no floor space
  • Convenient – Conveniently makes nitrogen on site
  • 99.7%+Purity – Meets American Brewers Association standards for draught grade nitrogen
bulk nitrogen system for N2 generation